There's nothing cuter than baby sea turtles. They need your help!

The Florida Aquarium is caring for five baby sea turtles from the Florida panhandle until we're able to get them back out to the big blue. 

Sea turtles are vitally important to marine life.  Once these little guys and gals return to the sea, they will play a huge role in a healthy ocean ecosystem by:

  • Maintaining healthy seagrass beds and coral reefs that allow other sea life to thrive
  • Providing habitat for other marine animals
  • Contributing to sand dune stabilization
  • Playing a role in balancing the marine food web.




Your support today is critical to giving these hatchlings the best chance possible!  Your donation will provide food and critical veterinary care until they can return to the ocean.  



Here's what your gift can do!

  • $5 - Provide food for a day for a small turtle
  • $10 - Provide food for a day for a large turtle
  • $50 - Provide flipper tags for identification upon release
  • $75 - Provide lifesaving medications
  • $100 - Provide bloodwork and medical testing
  • $150 - Provide X-rays

Thank you for your help!





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